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A sneak peek inside the Behold app

Behold Prayer
Behold Prayer

We're so excited to share that Behold's meditations will be available in a daily prayer app later this fall.

Guided Meditations

Much like our prayer newsletter, the guided meditations will prioritize listening to or reading a particular passage of scripture and sitting in silence with God. We'll continue to close with prayers written and said by different church leaders from around the world, and you'll have the option to write and save reflections about each scripture passage.

Content Collections

Not only will you have access to daily guided prayers, but you'll also be able to listen to meditative series on specific topics. Some of the series include guided meditations on the Lord's Prayer, an introduction and explanation of Christian meditation, prayers for peace, and more.

Save Your Favorites

Lastly, you'll be able to personalize your profile and keep track of your meditation journey by saving your favorite prayers and sharing them with friends.

Let us know what you think. Drop us a line at