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Vision & Values

Behold helps Christians center their lives and minds on God through guided prayers that invite listeners to hear and meditate on scripture.

Our mobile app, for iPhone and Android, features daily Lectio Divina style prayers, where scripture is read multiple times followed by silent reflection. It also includes collections of prayers on different topics and contemplative prayers styles. You can download Behold for iPhone here, and Android here.

Core Values

Behold is biblical

Our work is deeply rooted in scripture and the church’s prayerful traditions
We center the Bible, and seek to help individuals come into greater contact with the word of God. We recognize that it’s easy for prayer to be self-centered, and instead we strive to hear what God is saying.

Behold is ecumenical

We believe that God has given truth to Christians in all cultures and places. We emphasize the unity of God’s people, and incorporate voices, topics, and prayers from ethnically, denominationally, and culturally diverse Christians.

Behold is relevant

We use relevant tools to bring God’s word to people. We strive to be up-to-date so that God’s word can meet people where they are. We prioritize simple and modern user experiences that connect to the realities of Christians today.


OpeBukola Ope is the founder and product lead. She was inspired to start Behold after looking for resources to help her consistently practice Christian meditation and contemplative prayer. When she's not launching new ventures, she's reading, cooking, and sharing both with friends. She lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Rebecca Rebecca is the Program Manager. As a busy mom to two babies, she loves finding ways to incorporate contemplative and monastic practices into ordinary life. Gardening, reading, and hosting parties are favorite passtimes at her home in Charlottesville, VA.

PeterD Peter is the voice of Behold. He is an actor, filmmaker, and producer known for Mr. Robot (2015), Here and Now (2018) and Pickup (2017).