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Guide to Christian Meditation

Welcome to your Christian Meditation journey!

We created this guide for Christians curious about meditation and if/how it fits into Christian practice. We know that the bible mentions meditation numerous times, but what exactly is it, and how should we do it - if at all?  This guide demystifies meditations for Christians, and provides key resources for beginning a meditation practice that draws you nearer to Christ and deepens your faith. You can read the whole guide or, if you prefer, jump straight to the chapter that matches what you’re interested in.

We hope you enjoy reading this primer on meditation and the Christian faith. We hope you’re blessed by this content, and we’d love to hear from you. You can contact our team on Instagram or Twitter at @beholdprayer, or send a note to hello[at]

Chapter 1: What Is Christian Meditation?

Christian meditation is one of the types of prayer that helps to focus our attention on God through silence and listening to scripture. Meditation is also a way of listening to God and increasing our knowledge of Christ.

Chapter 2: What the bible says about meditation

Examples of meditation in the bible instruct Christians to meditate by intentionally focusing on God’s words and his deeds.

Chapter 3: What Christian Leaders Say About Meditation

Christianity has a long history of meditation. Christian leaders over the centuries have practiced meditation as a key part of their prayer lives.

Chapter 4: How to practice Christian Meditation

To practice Christian meditation, we must first commit to setting aside time consistently. mMeditative prayer requires finding time and a quiet place, choosing scripture on which to meditate, then allowing God to speak to you through his words.

Chapter 5: Benefits of Christian Meditation

Christian meditation has many spiritual benefits including increasing your disciplines of prayer and scripture reading. Christian meditation is also a form of mindfulness that improves brain function and mental health.