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Meditations of the Heart by Howard Thurman

Behold Prayer
Behold Prayer

Howard Thurman, a theologian and civil rights leader, was one of the greatest spiritual leaders and mystics of our time. This collection contains fifty four of his most well-known meditations which we've found especially uplifting and enriching.

The following prayer, in particular, is excellent and is used as the closing prayer in some of our own meditations.

Our Father, we turn to you in the quietness of this meditation period. It is but natural that we expose to you the things in us that seem most worthy and good that we may delight your Spirit and joy your Heart. The unworthy and the ugly things in us we almost instinctively seek to hide, to cover up, that we may seem pleasing in your Sight. But deep within us we know that this is not enough. Teach us to know that your love is so whole and so healing that nothing less than all of us can rise to meet your all-encompassing care. Teach us to share with you the good and the bad in us, the ugly and the beautiful, the clean and the sordid, the success and the failure—all, everything complete in every part. Amen.