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Behold Prayer

Book review: Prayer in the Night

A review of Prayer In The Night, by Tish Harrison Warren Reviewed by Ope Bukola “Faith, I’ve come to believe, is more craft than feeling. And prayer is our chief practice in the craft” Over the past few years, I’ve grown more afraid of the dark literally and
Rebecca Toscano

Book review: The Deeply Formed Life

Excerpt from a review originally published at Christianity Today. When I was a kid, I had a recurring nightmare that a loved one in my life was possessed by a demon. Immersed in this dream world, I often thought of Jesus’ words from Matthew 17: “Truly I tell you, if
Behold Prayer

Review: Soul Care in African American Practice by Barbara Peacock

Excerpt from a review originally published at Englewood Review of Books In 2019, after a few years of fast-paced work, I paused for a long sabbatical. I’d hoped to use the period to do less, and listen to God more. Bolstered by some readings on contemplative prayer, I signed
Behold Prayer

Meditations of the Heart by Howard Thurman

Howard Thurman, a theologian and civil rights leader, was one of the greatest spiritual leaders and mystics of our time. This collection contains fifty four of his most well-known meditations which we've found especially uplifting and enriching. The following prayer, in particular, is excellent and is used as the closing
Behold Prayer

A Praying Life, Connecting With God in a Distracting World

In Paul E. Miller's latest book, he reminds us of the importance of prioritizing connection with God amidst all the other busy things that occupy our lives. Pastor and author Timothy Keller said of it, "If Jesus or Jesus’ saving grace is just an abstraction to you, Paul Miller will
Behold Prayer

The Pandemic Prayer Book

This excellent collection of prayers for the coronavirus pandemic is free online. As we navigate the realities of COVID-19, it offers a helpful roadmap for how to pray and who/what to pray for. It includes prayers for healthcare workers, for the sick and dying, for those furloughed or without
Behold Prayer

Selections from The Power of Silence by Cardinal Robert Sarah

In The Power of Silence, Cardinal Sarah reminds us of the importance of stillness and silence in order to deepen our relationship with God. Below are a few of our favorite quotes. “Prayer consists of listening to God speak silently within us” (52). “There is no place on earth where